Title: Fuck the Nation — Squat the World
Author: Nikos Romanos
Topics: Greece, squatting
Date: May 15, 2016

It’s been about four months since the — calendarily at least — completion of the campaign of Black December. The subversive experience of Black December and the development of the frequent anarchist action were a launch pad of fermentations and discussions aiming at the reconstruction of the anarchist methodologies in their informal forms. The actions with reference to the Black December are continuing up to today while discussion cycles both inside and outside of prisons have reached a number of conclusions, proposals and views which have as a common benchmark the desire for escalation of our retaliation against the bodies of authority.

Part of these discussions was the proposal for an informal anarchist platform that would lay the foundations for an informal coordination of the polymorphous anarchist action thus enabling us to set in motion autonomous struggle campaigns with our own initiatives and forces, creating by ourselves the current affairs and strategies that we consider necessary in today. A choice that reflects our desire to create autonomous hotbeds of thinking and acting, for those who challenge the existing social system.

After an initiative of the comrades from Rethymno there was a proposal that this informal anarchist platform should be named Insurrectionary link between Theory and Action, a proposal that has been accepted by some comrades, as a receptive and simultaneously informal coordination structure that still constitutes a subject for processing for those comrades wishing to surround it.

Having agreed on the fact that the campaign of Black December emancipated the potentials, triggered outbreaks of deregulation of the existing order in many corners of the world and contributed to the efforts of networking and coordination of the anarchists’ projects, we continue to look for the right tools in order to set in motion the respective campaigns of struggle which are directly connected with the current affairs and circumstances within the subversive circles.

With this conception to be the driving force of our thoughts, it opened a new round of discussions between anarchist prisoners, squats, individualities and projects in order to measure from scratch the impulsions, to exchange viewpoints regarding the existing condition, to analyze the conjuncture so that we can make an effective division of powers in the points that we think we need to focus our counterattack.

At this point we had the proposal by the comrades of the Papamichelaki squat, which is an active part of the Insurrectionary link between Theory and Action, in order to conduct a coordinated campaign of activities within the time period of the month of May in order to provide an organized response to the fascist attacks and evacuations against the squats.

Lately the repressive approaches against squats on the part of the state have increased while fascists in complete harmony with the design of repressive state apparatus have intensified their attacks.

The political conjuncture that was put into effect by the particular setting out is not accidental. The fact that the country is immersing under a new political circle of instability with SYRIZA to be this time the political manager of social reality, the fact that considerable efforts are taking place by comrades in order to put an end to the introversion of the movement and produce actions that are contributing with key way in the deregulation of normality, the fact that an enhanced internal enemy is an essential problem for the regime since the risk will be to deflect any social unrest and to constitute itself as a destabilizing pillar at a period of time when the upheavals caused acquire multiple dynamics due to the inability of the political system to manage the social consequences of economic policies imposed by the respective governments. The fact that repression expands simultaneously and against the anarchist prisoners either through harsh verdicts or by attempting to consolidate a militarized management model of the prisons by police and the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (EKAM) have actually received the keys to the penal brothels in order to come and go undisturbed.

These are all pieces of a puzzle that represents the conditions around which the plan of the suppressive state is unfolded. It cannot be described as coincidental now the fact that the peak of this plan is the attacks against squats.

The squats are the strongholds of the anarchist struggle in the war against authorities; they are meeting points between comrades, diffusion centres of anarchist propaganda and hotbeds in which an experiment of anti-authoritative relationships are evolving on a daily basis for a life free from the shackles of the authoritarian complex along with all the possible contradictions that such an experiment contains.

The attacks against squats aim to water down the growing potentials of the diverse anarchist struggle by hitting the places where the anarchist movement lives and turns into a competitive proposal against the existing system and simultaneously diffuse the virus of liberty in new comrades that come in contact with anarchy.

The choice therefore to coordinate horizontal and informal and to go on the offensive thus putting bulwarks against the repressive pursuits of the state and parastate, constitutes an attempt for our strategy regarding the insurrectionary spread of anarchy in the cities and the integral role of squatting in this context to clash with the strategy of the State that I mentioned above.

Next month we will be setting in motion a new campaign of informal coordination of anarchist action, even though the intentions and objectives of the state have been analyzed to some extent, what is important is to make clear our own perspectives, why is it a priority for us to defend the squats, for what reason our retaliation with a leading edge the defend of squats constitutes a priority, for what reason the structures of struggle that we are building constitute the vital expressions of the diverse anarchist action, questions that form just the commencing of a dialog that aims to evolve within squats, prisons, groups of direct action and finally deposit the conclusions through action, which is the only reliable ally for the dialectical development of radical views.

The campaign «Fuck the Nations – Squat the World» is a unique opportunity to send a clear message to both the state and the fascists that the choice they made by targeting the anarchist squats is a choice that will be answered with an appropriate manner, with attacks, sabotage and polymorphous struggle by all means.

«So the vitality of Anarchy should cease to be a palatable product and become the opposite, to wit, a sharp and thoughtful stab in the system» (Mauricio Morales)

To organize our counterattack against the state and parastate — For the informal coordination of anarchist action — For the Insurrectionary Link between Theory and Action

Nikos Romanos