I Silence Is not Gold

We break the silence. Our life looks like a frozen product ready to be sold. We live in the concrete metropolises of your civilization, we submissively execute the orders of the managers, the bosses, the superiors, we operate like programmed robots, we breathe the polluted air of your factories, we wander and die on the high speed highways of your commodities, we believe in the false avatars of wealth, we desire what the advertisements command us to desire, we fall in love via screens, we communicate via keyboards, we imprison ourselves inside walls and storefronts, serial numbers and bar-codes. That’s it… We break free from your prison. We are aware of the fact that everybody talks today about the financial crisis’ curse. The preachers of politics are attempting to rectify the numbers, to improve statistics, to invent the social formulas of treatment and promises of salvation.

Nobody mentions, however, that economy, the domination of wealth in social relationships, is an achievement of civilization that you taught and fed us with, all these years.

Meanwhile, nobody seems concerned about the murder of nature, the torture and killing of the animals and generally about the extermination of the human being itself caused by the totalitarianism of science of technology, its laboratory experiments, the nuclear energy, the radioactive “accidents”, the GE products, the cannibalism of massive meat production industry, the pollution of the oceans, the chemical weapons, the genetic manipulation, the deforestation…

For the time being, we will not comment further on these. We only create the challenge. We will soon return to talk publicly in order for a dialogue of actions to be opened.

For the time being, we used the enemy’s tools against it. We fed civilization with the poison it produces.

II Sabotage to Contaminate the Commodities of Mass Consumption - War to the Multinational Murderers of Coca-Cola and Nestle

It is one of our objectives to damage the consumers’ blind trust to the products which the multinational companies serve to us. We damage these companies’ financials as they will see many stacks of their products being withdrawn from the market.

Our desire for action is followed by the need for strategic planning.

We firstly thought of executing a direct action operation against the factories based on Greece where products of these multinational companies are packed, stored and are propelled from. However, the planting of incendiary or explosive mechanism would not bring a result as significant as we would like.

Puzzled by this, we decided to try a method which has never been used in Greece before. Our action is multiform and me employ every measure and sabotage technique available as part of our struggle for total liberation. So, we thought about executing an innovative operation of sabotage which would practically force all the consumers to boycott these products.

We will pollute the products of these companies with hydrochloric acid and put them back on the super markets’ shelves. So, we warn the consumers to fully avoid buying those products.

This way we provoke a boycott, not begging for the consumers’ “sensitive ecological consciousness” but based on the decisiveness of direct action instead. Our goal is not, in any case, to harm someone who might consume these mass production commodities, that’s why we send this claim of responsibility before we start placing these products bach to the shelves.

Specifically, we send two envelopes, one for each of the following mass media: the first is Zougla.gr website and the other one is Espresso newspaper. The reason why we choose mainstream media is the nature of our action itself and not some kind of sympathy towards them. We know very well, that the mass media is an indispensable part of the system we fight against.

Since it is not our goal to do harm to someone unsuspected who could consume these products, we hold responsible the two above-mentioned media for the immediate publication of our video and the whole text claiming responsibility without any kind of censorship. Otherwise they will turn themselves into perpetrators and abettors of the poisoning and possible death of any unsuspected person, which might fall victim of their economic deals to satisfy the multinationals – giant customers of theirs (sponsorships, advertisements). Of course, something like that will not be forgotten and we will act accordingly against the persons responsible for those media.

In the envelope that we send to you there is 1 USB stick and 1 bottle of soda. The USB contains this text as well as one video that shows in detail the procedure we followed to sabotage these products. The bottle is being sent to verify the credibility of what we say. It is identical with the ones that we will place back to the shelves and contains exactly the same quantity of hydrochloric acid that we will insert in the others. All of them will be sealed like new, with their safety caps, just like the other regular COCA-COLA and NESTEA products. Have the bottle analyzed to a chemistry lab to verify the credibility of our warning. In the video we send to you, we have digitally erased the serial codes on top of NESTEA caps, as well as other hints that could help the companies identify the product lots that have been infected. This way they will not be able to contain the damage by withdrawing only these specific lots, instead they will be force to withdraw all of them during the period of our action. Four days after we have sent these envelopes we will start placing the infected products back on the shelves. Our action will last exactly 10 days. The choice of this period is not random. On the contrary, these are the days during which the profits of these multinationals soar. So, for 10 days, we will place back 63 plastic 500 ml bottles of Coca-cola light and 42 plastic 500 ml bottles of various flavours of NESTEA. Our action will take place in the metropolises of Athens and Thessaloníki.

The bottles will be placed back to all types of stores selling these products. All of these bottles contain 100 of hydrochloric acid solution. We chose hydrochloric acid because at this proportion the colours of COCA-COLA and NESTEA remain unchanged, in contrast with other substances like chlorine etc.

As shown in the video we used a sharp metallic object to remove the caps, maintaining their safety intact. Then we took out 100 ml of each product and inserted 100 ml of hydrochloric acid. Finally we put the caps back carefully, so as not to break the safety. So we have infected COCA-COLA and NESTEA bottles with no signs of breach. We say it again to make ourselves clear. Our goal is the withdrawal of these products by the companies for as long as our action goes on. We ask everyone to completely avoid these products so as not to create any danger for his/her health. Our goal is economic sabotage, not the poisoning of any unsuspected person.

Now that we made ourselves clear as fas as our action is concerned, we will take some space to explain the reasons why we chose those two multinationals.

It is a fact that we live in the era of information. The things that we will briefly mention are neither state secrets nor hidden knowledge. They are facts that anyone can learn about through a simple search on the internet, where all the information can be obtained. What we lack is the intention to ask ourselves about what is going on around us, how do we live, what it is that we eat and drink, what do we finance with our spending. It is a fact that we live in the era of the multinationals’ dictatorship. Their penetration into every aspect of our life is clear. No matter how many different names they present to us, it is a fact the the economic interests of a few dozen of multinationals make the world go around. In particular, 10 companies have overwhelming control over the world food market. Behind thousands of different labels some multinational giants are being “hidden”, not only controlling our desires but also creating them and guiding them according to their strategies. All these might sound too distant, without the harmless aesthetics of emotional documentaries and close-ups to starving children, without the accompaniment of some dramatic music. But they are true.

To be more specific…

III Death in a Bottle

COCA-COLA is a product first made at the end of the 19th century in the USA. It is, from an economic point of view, the most valuable brand in the world. It is the company that managed to create, for commercial purposes, the stereotype of a Santa Claus dressed in red, and that’s the image that everyone has now in mind. The company’s history is dirty and the same goes for all multinational companies. It had an excellent cooperation with the Nazi Germany and Hitler, building factories there, before World War II begins.

Its cooperation with the apartheid regime in South Africa was excellent as well, for many years, showing no interest, not even as an excuse, about what was going on there. It operates hundreds of factories around the world and is known for the inhuman treatment, as an employer, towards thousands of workers. It is responsible for the murders of combative syndicalists in Colombia and Guatemala. In China it cooperates with the regime and makes profit out of forced labour, using prisoners that are forced to work inside prison. More over, it is one the 12 most polluting companies in the country as far as the environment and the aquifer are concerned. In Mexico it has polluted huge areas with industrial waste as well water sources used by indigenous people. In El Salvador it takes advantage of 10.000 working children harvesting plantations to produce sugar for its products. In India its dozen of factories are polluting huge water resources consumed by the locals, and the same happens in Kenya, while 1.4 billion people have no access to clean water. Multinational companies like COCA-COLA and NESTLE make 60 billion in net profit selling bottled water. COCA-COLA has used genetically modified organisms to produce ingredients for its products. There have been hundreds of cases where COCA-COLA products coming out of the factory contain poisonous ingredients.

It is no coincidence that in Greece, some time ago, 100,000 bottles of COCA-COLA were withdrawn, because they contained herbicide in large amounts. Another incident that received small media attention, although a public prosecutor intervened in the case. However, another COCA-COLA batch, which was packed in the factory located in Crete, was also withdrawn due to the detection of foreign elements inside the bottles.

Obviously one of the biggest multinationals in the world, which provides money for all massive media through advertisements and sponsorships, makes always sure, that these withdrawals will happen secretly, in order to avoid the image of its products being damaged. We are not naive enough to think, that the succinct reference of some of the thousands of bloody incidents, which are intertwined with the history of COCA-COLA, will capture the filth of this multinational in its fullness. We just give some food for thought, so that everyone can ask themselves, what is hidden behind the most famous plastic bottle in the world. How much human and nature exploitation can fit in there…

NESTLE is a multinational company, based in Switzerland, which began operating in the beginning of the 20th century. It employs about 330,000 workers and it is the most profitable company in the world. It owns 450 factories in 80 countries and thousands of smaller companies, bought throughout the last century, belong to it. NESTLE is also the main shareholder of L’OREAL. That is, of the greater cosmetics firm, entangled in thousands of cases of torture and killing of animals during experiments on “aesthetic beauty”. NESTLE, has been targeted by various organizations, which accuse the company of having committed one of the biggest crimes ever committed by a food company. It is held responsible for the death of 1.5 million children in the Third World every year, due to its commercial manipulations and moves. To some this may seem too much. We will explain this briefly and at the same time we urge you to check the dozens of relevant articles in the internet, where everyone can find these clues. These children’ deaths, are caused by the systematic discourage of the use of breast milk by the infants’ mothers.

Using vast amounts of money, which are presented as sponsorships and donations, NESTLE, “convinces” doctors to promote its own breast milk substitutes. This tactic, which is applied to various “underdeveloped” countries, results in many people preferring NESTLE’s products, considering them to be safer than breast milk. In these countries, however, the water resources are often contaminated. Thus, NESTLE’s products are dissolved in water, which is unsuitable for infants, causing ultimately death to many of them. A strategy, which exploits, for profit’s sake, the lack of knowledge and human misery, becomes the moral perpetrator for millions of child deaths.

Apart from these, NESTLE is the company, which officially uses genetically modified organisms in its products, in the whole USA. It’s a company exploiting more than 300.000 children worldwide, by employing them to work on its cacao plantations. It’s the company behind numerous food scandals, like the most recent case, where contaminated horse meet was detected inside its products. This company is also entangled in a scandal, where melamine was detected inside milk packages in China, in 2008 and also in a scandal, where the deadly E.COLI bacteria was detected inside its products in USA, in 2009. This company also uses, among other large multinationals (PEPSI etc.), ΗΕΚ 293 ( Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells ). SENOMYX, a company cooperating with NESTLE, selectively uses cells taken from unborn fetuses, which are results of abortions, in order to create isolated flavour receptors and to enrich its synthetic and plastic products. This means, that they promote the use and the consumption of human cells, taken from the kidneys of unborn fetuses, as taste enhancers.

Beyond that, one of the main reasons we chose NESTLE, are the innumerable experiments they do on animals, especially in order to produce NESTEA. They use lab animals, in order for the beneficial effects of tea to be scientifically proofed. In this way, they conduct dozens of experiments on animals, which they afterwards kill. In one of these experiments, they inject toxic chemicals into the bodies of lab animals, in order to dissolve the cells that produce insulin, causing them diabetes. Then, they force feed them with tea ingredients and record the effects before they kill them.

In another experiment, they cause brain damages to lab animals. Then, they force feed them with green tea ingredients to record these effects too. In order to make the scientists’ job easier, they stimulate lab animals using electrocution, while they are placed in dark cages. They kill and torture in dozens of ways and all this because these experiments allow them to claim that NESTEA benefits the consumers’ health. So many souls suffer, in order for the consumer to be convinced, that the product has beneficial effects. Sick people called scientists are behind these experiments. The only thing they deserve, is a bullet between the eyes.

But, as we said, we do not want the role of a simple recorder of the morbidity of the scientific minds and the strategy of these multinationals. Our goal is sabotage and destruction by any means, for total liberation. We break the stereotypes. Being actively involved and attacking at companies, which exploit nature and the environment, is not a fashion. We are not “sensitive” individuals denying violence, like hippies and pacifist environmentalists. We dislike such passive individuals. Violence is an integral part of our life and destruction is not just a revolutionary action. The insurrection through violence, is the increase of pleasure in our life. We are part of a new anarchist current of thought and action.

We use our imagination to create the nightmares of this civilized, murderous society. We don’t seek popular support for our actions. Of course, the society as a whole will never be uncritically our target, but this has already been clarified in the writings of dozens of our cells throughout the world and by our comrades of FAI and CCF, who are imprisoned worldwide.

IV Project “Green Nemesis”

This action marks the beginning of a new project of coordination of informal affinity groups and FAI cells, under the name “GREEN NEMESIS”. We call comrades and direct action cells from all over the world to conspire and coordinate, in order to avenge and sabotage companies and individuals, that with their actions exploit the environment, wild life and nature. All means are welcome.

For us, the best tactic is to attack with paint, fire and bombs at factories, power plants, and genetic laboratories. To sabotage the smooth circulation of goods, that builds the dictatorship of the multinational companies – killers and to spend our bullets on their managers.

With “GREEN NEMESIS” project we mark the beginning of a dialogue of praxis, on the perspective of New Anarchy and the anti-civilization tension. We make criticism to the ideological brakes of the respect for the human life (even for the one of our enemies) that possess some ALF cells worldwide, in order to abolish them. For us, our attacks shouldn’t be limited in destroying building infrastructure. Those who poison animals, should be executed with the same way. We should feed them their poison. Overall, it is important not to neglect to target the physical existence of the institutions (managers, scientists, law advisers etc.) So, “GREEN NEMESIS” project is a moment of connection between parallel paths of struggle. It is the meeting point of anarcho-nihilists and anti-civilization eco-anarchists.

Away from romantic ideals and pleas for ecological rights, new anarchist guerrilla is the art of the potential.

Because the war against the exploitation of nature doesn’t mean the passive boycott by alternative consumerism. Neither a vegetarian diet for health purposes or because of a hypocritical sensitivity for animal slaughter. It means attack and destruction of every company that destroys the earth, human, animals and nature.

Ecological conscience is a masked lie, when divided form new anarchist urban guerrilla.

FAI (Informal Anarchist Federation) opens up a new perspective, inviting the comrades of the anti-civilization tension and the direct action cells of ELF and ALF to perform a general international revenge and attack against the ones, who murder our lives. Through the international cooperation and coordination of FAI, we move invisibly through the techno-industrial metropolis and we become more dangerous…

Every action, that will be part of “GREEN NEMESIS”, will be another contribution to the conversation we start. A conversation for the creation of the anti-civilization tension within the circles of FAI and the Black International of the anarchists of praxis.

This is only the beginning…
Until the liberation of us all…

We dedicate this action to all FAI and CCF cells around the globe. Our action is also an answer to the international solidarity call for the comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar. The comrades are held captives in Spain, accused for bombing attacks. We send our solidarity to comrades Marco Camenisch and Gabriel Pombo da Silva and to the anarchist prisoners in South America. Solidarity to Mario Gonzalez, who is on hunger strike and imprisoned in Mexico. Lastly, in Greece we salute the 10 imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, comrade Andreas Tsavdaridis, who is a member of FAI and comrade Spyros Mandylas, who is prosecuted for the same case. Comrades you are not alone.

The sun will continue to rise…
Nothing is over, everything begins now…

Long live New Anarchy
Until total liberation

FAI/IRF Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front
Nicola and Alfredo Cell