Title: Incendiary attack against an ITAU Bank branch
Date: September 16, 2015

“We have this fantasy that our interests and the interests of the super-rich are the same – as if, somehow, the wealthy will eventually become so full that they will explode and rain sweets down on all of us as if they were some kind of benevolent piñata. But here’s the truth about the piñatas…they do not break by themselves, you have to hit them with a stick.”

The recent attack on a branch of Bradesco bank raised some doubt among corporate media journalists. Indeed, the bomb placed in the third box did not explode. The motive reported by some media was the theft of their rotten money. After all, a bomb containing 5 liters of gasoline and some additives would never explode an ATM. Our intention was to burn down one of the numerous temples of capital that today stand like tentacles on every corner.

So on the night of September 13, 2015, we carried out another incendiary attack against a bank branch. This time we targeted ITAU who in the second business quarter of 2015 made an obscene income of R$5.9 billion.

Apparently, cashing in on interest and speculating on other people’s work is the only thing that actually continues to move the already rusty gears of the capitalist superstructure. It’s the insanity of our times, where the weakest live in crisis while those at the top feast at our expense. The attacks upon the lower classes they call the ‘adjustment’, any attack against the upper classes they call ‘terrorism.’ As if that was not enough, the puppet Dilma Rousseff attacks the workers with harsh austerity measures, divestment and cuts to social programs and we still have to swallow a congress full of rats and worms – and all strains of parasites – fattening their stomachs with money coming from the lobbying of corporations, companies, banks and agribusiness. Suits acting in their own interests against the wishes of the people. This is what is known as ‘democracy.’ Representative democracy – capitalized and financialized to the core – is nothing more than the analogy of a cannibalistic dinner – every four years we vote to choose which sauce we will be eaten alive with.

Regarding the cynical and treacherous Rouseff government, we must emphasize: There is no coup underway. It’s management benefits precisely the same sectors that overthrew Jango and Getúlio last century. There is nothing for them to fear, since the coup sectors are now well filled and further protected under the mantle of a ‘socialist government.’ There is not even a democracy to be defended. The political regime of the broken; the suburbs and slums of Brazil has always been the military dictatorship. We do not want to choose the sauce, we want to get out of the oven and decapitate the cook!

The state, foreseeing the collapse of the capitalist system in the not too distant future has begun to make it’s move on the chess board, using the horses and the pawns to protect the King. From Brazil to Spain – through to Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Greece – what we now are seeing is the desperation of the ruling classes as they re-position the repressive apparatuses once more to attack the youth and the workers.

The anti-terrorism law, which is guided today by congress, has gone far beyond the censorship of a few years ago. One again in the name of ‘security’ they take aim at freedom. It’s an attempt to silence those who refuse to accept the iron yoke of austerity that has resulted from the endless feast of the upper classes. Are terrorists because we burn a bank? Yes we are. But we are no more terrorists than those who under the direct order of the State are slaughtering the blacks, the poor and others on the periphery. No more than those who are attacking the teachers and the strikers. No more terrorists than those who sell tear gas, missiles and weapons to the Zionist regime of Israel. The real terror is imposed from the top down, from those who have the money and equipment to utilise terror as a method of social and financial domination.

Comrades, to burn a bank is nothing more than a direct reaction to what is usually called ‘social peace.’ something that we prefer to call ‘the silence of the oppressed.’ It is obvious that the time for this has stopped. We will continue to burn and sabotage everything that represents the mainstay of your fortress that was built on other people’s blood and sweat. From banks to the palaces of kings and corporation to the houses of senators, mayors and presidents.

We must emphasize however that we know it is not feasible to destroy the superstructure and replace it with a new social order based on equality and freedom by simply burning some bank branches. We are aware that such actions only constitute a cry of desperation to the sleeping masses trying to labour under the dream that one day they will become leaders or bosses when the reality is that underneath their feet will alway be tied chains of iron. There is a famous quote by Henry Ford, one of the patrons of the current capitalist system that says: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

We begin our journey of attacks against corporations and banks causing maximum damage with minimum risk. The target of the revolution and it’s ensuing chaos is not the worker or the woman who cleans the floor of the bourgeois for a few crumbs, the target is the system that allows the existence of such an unequal relationship. Some may argue that by burning a bank that we are causing damage to those at the bottom as well as those at the top by depriving the latter of access to routine processes that require a bank branch. To this we respond with the cruel truth of history: structural changes require sacrifice.

To those who draw inspiration from our actions, we call on you to organize regionally and carry out your own actions. Two people and a few liters of gasoline can impose more chaos on the social order than a thousand or even a hundred thousand peaceful and obedient people could ever achieve. Organize into autonomous cells of MIA or any other revolutionary insurgency. Make fire and gunpowder your battle cry!

Also, do not listen to media anchors subservient to imperialism – the soulless children of those who once slaughtered the Indigenous on Brazilian soil. Accumulators of gold and capital, indirect genocidal killers who sever the supreme link to humanity that remains for all of us: the Truth. The media will always attack the subversive using it’s full arsenal. Just read a few pages of the newspapers or watch a few minutes of any TV channel and you will observe the furious defense by certain anchors of their sponsors. Like guard dogs they will do whatever it takes to maintain the pristine image of the banks, companies and even nations that continue to finance the media in Brazil, a type of relationship that is very reminiscent of feudalism. We cry: do not trust in Kings, shepherds, media or bankers. All authority represents the hundreds of pillars that support our misery. Today’s attack begins the long life cycle of a future anarchist urban guerilla warfare, which begins in Brazil as a flash in the pan. The only truth and the only God resides in you and in everything living there is around us. The wealthy, the bourgeoisie and the State are nothing but paper tigers. No more wars between people to enrich worms who live in bunkers on another continent! No more sweat to fill the pockets of parasites! We will make bombs and sabotage our voice against injustice!