Title: Explosive/incendiary device against the premises of an electoral committee
Date: November 20, 2013


We Are not Spectators but Enemies of all Forms of Dominion

Today we wanted to give vent to a small anarchist impulse by brandishing the weapons of life and the ideas of rebellion.

As we are convinced that the status quo is being maintained not only by those who hold power but also by the servile attitude of those who tacitly support it, toady we decided to attack polling station 98a in the town of La Reina with an explosive/incendiary device.

The electoral committee is a piece of the democratic machine because of their role of organizing logistically the elections on a local level. In simple terms they appoint the members of the management electoral committee, the members of the polling station and the agents of the electoral offices. They also decide the sites for the polls.

We Don't Hide our Dark Intentions

Why to go on the attack? Anarchy must not waste energy hampering the citizens’ democratic rite of the elections but rather it must try to demonstrate that the dialogue between the rebels and the authority is impossible. It must seek conflict, not make hopeful appeals for taking the right way.

To abstain from voting, to build People Power, to write Constituent Assembly on the voting paper, not to write anything at all, to vote for the ‘less evil’: this is to manifest one’s refusal using the language of the citizen without disturbing the authoritarian government.

The one and only valid response to this misery is antiauthoritarian attack in its multiple faces and forms. It is the spreading of the fire with any means. It is the fire itself, the idea that animates it and the hands of those who set it, the unbreakable will of the fighters until their last breath and with the means they have.

Against Democracy, Against the Misery of some Anarchists

It seems we are witnessing the sanctification of democracy, of what everybody says. Citizens and would-be revolutionaries look at democracy as if it were the ideal future. It seems that the big goal of the political fauna is either to make democracy better or to realize a new and perfect one. Those who believe in elections and those who refuse electoral strategies agree on this point: the problem is not democracy but its management.

An anarchist position emphasizes the refusal of all forms of dominion, it doesn’t make any problem of management: democracy can never be a means of liberation considering its history and social dynamics. To struggle for a better democracy is like to struggle for the construction of a social system hiding the conflict which emerges in democracy and on which democracy is based.

On a local level it seems that nobody remembers that some ghosts who claim to be anarchists and libertarians have made impolite invitation to democracy. Perhaps someone remembers such a thing was made by members of the Communist Organization through the Electoral Pact ‘United we can’ here in Santiago a few years ago? ‘Anarchists’, communists, humanists and demases, all holding hands, it’s just ridiculous. Critical support? Mere platformist insolence.

Separate mention has to be made of a Red Libertaria, which is supporting one of the current candidates to the presidency of the parliamentarian left without problems. What anarchist could ever support a possible president? It is like spitting in the face of all the comrades who have decided to affirm anarchy through the assassination of these figures. The Corriente Revolución Anarquista doesn’t content themselves with falsifying the recent history of anarchist struggle in this country. They are even trying to protest against the elections system by waving the flag of their organization. Anarchist action must be the propaganda of the struggle and not that of an organization with anarchist leaders.

Those who are involved in the electoral circus should have the honesty not to hide the intentions motivating them. They don’t deserve our respect, they are not comrades, those who superficially criticize dominion through the rhetoric of opposition. It is not surprising that electoral tactics reproduce themselves in other political spheres where voting or raising one’s hand impose themselves as methods for affirming students’ organizations, leftist organizations, autonomous groups and collectives. A pertinent and disgusting example is that of the recent election of a young libertarian as president of the Federation of the Students of Chile, who has stated that anarchism is a historical movement ‘profoundly democratic’.

Those who are trying to climb the stage of the political market for the sake of their organization become part of the game they so much refuse. And as this is the general situation, parliamentarians, leftist extra-parliamentarians and ‘libertarian anarchists’ agree on a strategy: the fight for a share of power.

Anti-state Active Minorities and the Antiauthoritarian Struggle

Uncontrollable anarchy is not submitted to democracy and its values. It doesn’t speak of majorities, consensus or basic rights. It doesn’t lower its head for a share of power, nor does it wait for the right time to experiment the struggle. Today we are waging an irregular war against dominion all over the world.

These are the parameters of our conflict, those who are waiting for revolutionary armies or militias don’t understand the nature of the current war. As the conflict is asymmetric we’ll strike and disappear, we’ll face the enemies wherever they are, also one by one. Far from any militarist drift we are trying to struggle against power in its various forms with autonomous action organized informally. Not only is attack possible, it is also necessary. Let’s create situations and instruments so as to continue to experiment conflict, and wherever necessary we’ll put our achievements into practice.

Face to Face with the Enemy

We know that this spirit is spreading everywhere like the Black Death and this inflames our desire to go on. Actions of struggle such as that carried out by Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai make us willing to contribute to anarchist insurrection even from thousands of miles away. To those who don’t bow down, to those who affirm their reasons against the hangmen, to Nicola and Alfredo our sincere respect and complicity.

As we were planning our action we learned of the accident occurred to comrade Eduardovich Ilya Romanov, wounded by the explosion of a bomb in western Russia. We were struck by this piece of news, we recalled similar events happened in Chile and were reminded of how fragile the path of those who struggle is. But it also gave us more strength and dedication for the time being, for the planning of our action. Tonight our hearts were with you, Ilya, this is a small gesture for you, our way to hug you from the distance and to wish you a speedy recovery. Tonight our steps were accompanied by the irreducible and dignified attitude of our brothers and sisters and comrades kidnapped in various parts of the world. Those who struggle every day, unbowed and unrepentant… they are not alone and will never be forgotten: Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega , Freddy Fuentevilla, Hans Niemeyer, José Miguel Sánchez, Alberto Olivares, Nicholas Sandoval, Victor Montoya, Marco Camenisch in Switzeralnd, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva in Spain, Sonja Sunder in Germany, Nicola and Alfredo in Italy, the comrades who are resisting the Grand Jury in the United States, the urban guerrilla fighters of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, Revolutionary Struggle and the comrades arrested for the double robbery in Kozani, who are soon to be on trial, irreducible Henry Zegarrundo in Bolivia, the comrades who faced arrest in Villa Francia on September 11 with dignity and without playing the victims.

Finally, with the fire and explosion of our desire for freedom we dedicate our action to Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, the Chilean comrades kidnapped by the Spanish State at dawn on November 13, and accused of placing a bomb, an action claimed by the Comando Insurreccional Mateo Morral in October this year.

As the states of Chile and Spain are once again putting their strategies, repression and laws into action and talking about alleged international anarchist organizations, we wish strength to the comrades, no matter whether they are responsible or not for the facts they are accused of.

We call for international solidarity with Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar and the other prisoners in Spain.

We dedicate the action to these comrades as we are trying to enhance and expand direct action in this country. Therefore we salute the groups that carried out attacks on the banks of the city this month in spite of the differences between them and us.

Solidarity with the comrades persecuted by power: Felicity Rider and Diego Rios.

No truce to dominion.

Memory and action for comrade Mauricio Morales! Memory and action for comrade Lambros Foundas!

‘Long live Ilya Romanov’ Cell
In affinity with the Black Interantional