Title: Statement of Solidarity with ‘Il Silvestre’
Author: Green Anarchist
Topics: Italy, solidarity
Date: 2004
Source: Retrieved on January 1, 2005 from www.greenanarchist.org
Notes: from Green Anarchist #73–74

      A) From Pisa

      B) Blow By Blow

      C) With Any Means Necessary

Green Anarchist abhors the arrest of the fellow-writers and revolutionaries of ‘Il Silvestre’, Italy, a call to action. Whether bogus or not, the Italian judiciary’s constant resort to conspiratorial theorems from the fascist (Mussolini) era to both exercise and excuse political repression is a direct attack on supposed freedoms of association and expression. As it is, these theorems are bogus, absurdly linking ‘Il Silvestre’ to Marxist-Leninist groups in an astounding display of either crass expediency or political illiteracy on the part of the examining judge. Never has the axiom that ‘terror is but one extension of statecraft’ been better illustrated, nor the need for free information and revolutionary / societal self-defence from such abuses. Of course, in court fire must be fought with fire (law), but these issues are never decided there.

Only defiance by continued and expanded publication of exactly that the State seeks to suppress, backed by action to cost them more than they gain by repression will carry the day for our Italian comrades — as it already did for the GAndALF defendants.

Below is a slightly edited article recently received by us over email. Blow to blow — active solidarity with ‘Il Silvestre’

Here are some communiqués done by comrades who were directly implied on the repressive wave that has been conducted since June against radical ecologists and anarchists. The group ‘Il Silvestre’, that does the radical ecologist magazine ‘Terra Selvaggia’, is under attack. Some of the people involved in that group (that at the beginning weren’t even investigated, are now under preventive arrest waiting for the investigations to end, charged with terrorism and subversive association, the latter, nowadays under debate).

All this has happened because during a search police found a document where a group called COR (Revolutionary Offensive Cells, who did many attacks in Toscana) claimed responsibility for an action they did. This document arrived by mail to the magazine Terra Selvaggia, but also to other local newspapers wanting them to publish it. These comrades, always in the front line supporting fights against ecological, animal and human exploitation, against repression and toxicities of this society through the pages of their magazine — they now need our ACTIVE solidarity. As well as those arrested and investigated for the CERVANTES case in many cities of Italy also are targets of the ROS (a special force of the Carabineri mainly dedicated to terrorism) that were ‘unemployed’ after the Marini case ended just seven months ago.

A) From Pisa

After months of criminalisation through the mass-media, on June 7th the latest repressive attack against the ecologist group ‘Il Silvestre’ took place. First Alessio, Leo, Betta, Gioacchino and Alice (who was quickly left without charges) were arrested, being applied house arrest and incomunicated from the outside. Alessio is transferred to the prison of Prato. Next week Constantino is arrested based on the local media articles that showed him as a dangerous leader. Some days later, house arrest is also applied to him.

The lies of the news and their calls for repression have never stopped, taking profit from the current situation in which it’s tried to definitely kill all the experiences from the group ‘Il Silvestre’, who for more than six years has been an annoying and constant presence in a big territory through dozens of campaigns of struggle and giving voice to the resistances all over the world in the pages of the magazine ‘Terra Selvaggia’

On Friday July 30th, as the massmedia were announcing in the days beforehand, more arrests took place: Beppe, Francesco and William are kept on ‘caution custody’ through house arrest; but the prosecutor who is in charge of the investigation, Di Bugno, isn’t satisfied enough: he wants to see our comrades imprisoned.

The accusations for all the arrested is to belong to the COR (Revolutionary Offensive Cells), a group that has struck right wing and trade union symbols and facilities, most of the time through incendiary devices since July 2003.

These arrests in Pisa seems not to satisfy the prosecutor, who doesn’t need much evidence, keeping in mind the actual situation in where ,on a national basis , the groups that take forward a radical dissent are striken very easily and in a very strong way by the Magistratura. From Roveretto to Lecce, from Roma to Cagliari, other comrades have been targeted lately and repressed because of their fights against this murdererous system.

Just in these days where this same system is spreading terror all throughout this planet with ecological devastation, the wars that exterminate civilians, the stupidity of consumerism that grows in a society in ruins — The people they show as terrorists are the individuals that fight opposing all that, without fear to express their solidarity to everything and everyone that rebels with any means they think as necessary. Guilty for us are those who benefit looting and oppressing all the corners of this world; and also their unresponsible accomplices, those who shut their eyes on the ecological disasters that approaches more and more every day.

B) Blow By Blow

They wanted to ‘do the proper thing’ with that space on ‘via del Cuore’ in Pisa (headquarters of ‘Il Silvestre’ and ‘the Uncontrolled’) where, since two years ago, many comrades are struggling many fights in defence of earth, of animals and searching to destroy every cage for the liberation of all living beings.

A meeting point where dozens of initiatives have been planned and done, from the ones against biotechnology to the ones for animal liberation, from the Spanish war to the critique against medicine, from the support of imprisoned comrades to the support of those groups who defend their own land in Patagonia.

Also the publication of magazines such as ‘Terra Selvaggia’ or ‘Mamora’, the production and distribution of books, pamphlets and more materials. A group of people that has taken forward a struggle for a world without prisons, some of them of the ecologist group ‘Terra Selvaggia’, others of the anarchist group ‘Uncontrolled’ and lots of individualities that, together during those years, have expressed a clear and radical dissent towards this world, never hiding their complicity with those that are exploited in any way.

That’s what this space in ‘Via del Cuore’ in Pisa was and still is. And this is what police, prosecutors, and informers-journalists want to destroy. They want to judge ñbody of laws on their handfriendships, solidarities and affections through an ‘associative crime’ that wants to create an associative structure with leaders and affiliates, showing the dullness and absurdities inherent to ‘justice’.

Through their miserable journalists they try to build the feeling that they have ended with those dangerous terrorists, first publishing our names, then our houses and at the end our faces in the garbage of their pages and TV screens.

But these purposes, wherever they reach, will have to face (and will break apart due to) the determination of all the individuals that, accomplices beyond any ‘justice’ and ‘guilty’ as we are of not accepting this world in a passive way anymore, still go on fighting for a totally different existence, with neither masters nor servants, without exploiters and exploited and without prisons.

The dozens of concentrations, pamphlets, the spray paintings, the initiatives, the solidarity with the investigated and imprisoned... all the strength that, after all, those people from ‘via del Cuore’ and other territories show, those are realities that no prosecutor or prison will be able to break apart.

A determination in fight that makes us respond blow by blow to all the ‘brilliant’ operations of the ROS (Carabineri special branch dedicated to mainly terrorism), Digos (the political police) and all that shit: facing searched and arrests, facing intimidations and beatings, facing those coward journalists accomplices of the inquisitors, facing the attacks of fascists...

To support the hunger strike of the imprisoned comrades, to solidarize with any means necessary with those directly striken by the State, forward with the fights against this murderous system. If solidarity is a weapon, this weapon has to be targeted against the ones that oppress, devastates and exploits.

A big hug to the rebel prisoners, to those who escaped and to all those comrades that don’t abandon us and that seek to destroy every cage.

Two imprisoned comrades

C) With Any Means Necessary

Both Alessio and William imprisoned; Leo, Betta, Gioacchino, Constantino and Beppe are under house arrest; Francesco — who was under house arrest — has decided not to enter prison, thus escaping from an announced detention which was prepared (as with the other ones) by the sell-out journalists of the local media, which are day by day more full of lies, slanders and police stories.

If it’s obvious that those responsible for this repressive operation are the Magistrates (Magistratura) and the law enforcement agencies, it is also true that without the participation of the media it wouldn’t have been possible to justify and give strength to this powerful repressive attack.

Every day, since some time ago, through any ways and with every means, journalists (no matter which ‘color’ they defend) have shot bullets in their articles, loyal to the directions coming from above having depicted ‘Il Silvestre’ as a den, and the comrades as very dangerous criminals which need to be imprisoned for as long as possible.

The highest, nastiest and most cowardly point was reached when these shitty journalists, last Sunday, published the pictures of our comrades, showing them as in a ‘WANTED’ poster, forgetting in their crazed accusations that Alice is free without charges, and that the other comrades haven’t had their trial yet.

‘Not that serious’ must have thought the journalists, and well, what the fuck!, they’re not even important people or bank managers, neither financial brokers which have fallen suddenly into misfortune and that have to be well treated... These are dangerous anarchists, they don’t need to be depicted in a polished way, nobody will complain about the lack of privacy they have suffered, for their smashed right to defend themselves and for the lack of guarantees. What does it matter that they lose their freedom, not able to live their lives plenty, their passions and their feelings.

With any means necessary journalists have to try to transform their affective relationships and their social relations into dangerous and obscure clandestine relations to isolate them and forcing them into silence, depicting them as bloodthirsty monsters.

If later due to their delirious articles, something like the other investigations in Val De Susa about ‘ecoterrorism’, in a similar ambient, ended with Edo and Sole committing suicide, well, these are accidents that will be cured thanks to the journalists professional sensibility.

We have nothing to tell to judges and journalists except for our rage. To you, to those well-minded, we want to say that they are making you believe that your enemies aren’t the exploiters, the speculators, those who pollute, those who poison, the killers or the torturers.

They want to make you believe that your enemies are the individuals who rebel against the exploitation of human beings over other human beings, over nature and animals.

They are making you believe that we are your enemies. The choice is yours. We, as well as our comrades in prison, under house arrest, escaped... we, along them, never accomplices, never resigned, through our fights for a better society, without poisons or prisons.

Liberi Tutti


William Frediani, Carcere Don Bosco, Via Don Bosco 43, 56100 Pisa, Italy.

Alessio Perondi, Carcere Don Bosco, Via Don Bosco 43, 56100 Pisa, Italy.