Title: Principal Tendencies and Theses of the “L’Unique” Center
Author: Émile Armand
Topic: individualism
Date: 1944
Source: Retrieved on August 5, 2009 from www.marxists.org
Notes: Source: Undated flyer from the Amis de E. Armand, c. 1944; Translated: by Mitchell Abidor; CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) marxists.org 2007.

Individual culture and education

Life as will and responsibility

Violence (the ideology of domination, imposition, exploitation, etc) as the origin of wars.

Reciprocity as the ethic of sociability

While waiting for a world where suffering will have been reduced to a tiny minimum, its elimination from relations conditioned by friendship and camaraderie.

Fidelity to the word given and to the clauses of pacts freely consented to, and this in all domains

Voluntary and contractual associationism, cooperatism, and mutualism in all branches of human activity.

Liberation from prejudices concerning race, external appearance, inequality of sexes and social conditions, etc.

Personal life as a work of art.

The non-interference in the sphere of activity of others determining the limits to the expansion of the personality.

Reasoned Eugenics and thought out naturism

Combat against prostitution in all its forms and against the idea of the woman considered solely as a “physiological necessity.”

Sensitivity, the spirit of understanding and reconciliation, the fight against the attitude of “too-bad-for-you” as facts of internal vitality.

Practice of “first clean up in front of your door” before getting involved in the affairs of others.

Interest in free circles, libertarian colonies, innovative schools.

Pluralism in friendship, exclusive of preferences and privileges.

In case of special attention in one particular direction, this latter will always be in favor of he who has suffered most because of the spreading or realization of one, another, or several of the above theses.