Title: We Still Have Weapons and Explosives… but the Most Beautiful Explosions Occur Within Ourselves
Subtitle: Communique of the prisoners of C.C.F., which was read in the courtroom during the hearing of 21st March 2012 in the second trial for so-called “Halandri case”
Date: 2012

As your military court will now keep on listening to the witnesses declarations referring to three attacks of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, we want to clarify a few things.

Quite often, both the judge and the public prosecutor ask questions on the power of the explosive devices. They ask whether these devices were powerful or not, and if they posed a risk to human life.

Our position as Conspiracy is quite concrete.

We pay no respect to human life, that’s all. Human life in itself does not consitute any ideal or supreme value. Life creates the chance to make choices. The choices we made are those that give value to our life and define it. Obviously, the choices made by a dignitary of Power, a judge or a jailer not only have no value for us but they are also enemies of our perception and dignity. These are people whose very existence is an offence to our aesthetic sense and our desire for a free and anarchist life.

It is therefore unquestionable the fact that we are at war with these people. As it is generally known, there are dead in war. For this reason we repeatedly and passionately support the guerrilla practice of political executions in our communiques and texts.

A free perosn is not the one who gets freedom from the illusions of democracy, but the one who takes arms in hand and struggles to conquer it.

On the other hand, as we have already said, the attacks carried out by the new urban anarchist guerrilla are always very concrete and have precise targets.

They aim at the heart of the enemy, right where Power triumphs and its representative live. They aim at banks, ministries, courts, police stations.

For this reason, each and every attack of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire has been carried out in a such a way as to avoid even the slightest injury to passerbys. We usually achieved that with telephone calls to the media, so that police evacuated the area.

This also occurred as concerns the cases of Hinofotis’ flat, the Ministry of Macedonia and Tracia and Katseli’s house, for which attacks we are now on trial in the military court of Koridallos.

Now, concerning the power of our explosive devices, what we have to say is that the potential of a guerrilla action cannot be measured according to the weight of the explosive materials that are used or to the bullets that remain on the ground after an armed attack.

In the years of its activity the Conspiracy have been striking with improvised incendiary devices or weapons and powerful explosives. The choice of the means depends on the strategy of spreading the new urban guerrilla, anarchy and nihilism.

Depending on the attack we wanted to carry out, we chose the most appropiate means from our arsenals. Matches, petrol, black powder, TNT and bullets.

Therefore, we consider any question on the power of the explosive devices we used as meaningless, and we won’t answer. We won’t negotiate the sentences they ordered you to impose on us, nor will we beg the mitigating circumstances of your laws.

If you want an answer we’re going to give it to you in advance and once and for all. Regardless of the power of the explosive devices we used, it is the intention of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire to completely destroy the bases of your rotten system with dynamite.

Only then will the history of slaves and masters be broken up.

And in order for this to happen, bullets and explosives alone are not sufficient, what really counts is that everyone takes their life in their hands, believes in themselves and finds the strength to aim a weapon at the assassins of their existence.

“Strength is in our eyes,

bright and big like two flames in the night.

In all the places of the planet

At any time

In every prison

There, where people struggle, die and remain prisoners

because they dare do what is unattainable, for freedom

for a new life, for anarchy…”