A flame of solidarity from the CCF for the brothers and sisters in Chile (2011)

When the prison bars stop our hands from throwing the fire of anarchy into the world of power, our words become the sharp rasp of escape.

Armed with thoughts, desires, secret plans, new conspiracies, we give a warmest embrace in our imaginary meeting with the comrades of action across the world.

Now we want our voice to reach our brothers and sister in distant Chile to Luciano (Tortuga) prosecuted on November 22 and to Monica, to Felipe, to Francisco, to Omar, and Carlos on November 28, because they are anarchists and enemies of power.

Of course we do not forget Marcelo, Freddy and Juan as their trial started on the 11th of this month.
Comrades, you are so far away and yet you feel so close.
It is the same rage we feel when we hit the state, the same contempt that we show for the silent compromised crowd, the same passion with which we are fighting for anarchy, the same hatred of the prisons that want to keep us hostage.

The Chilean State and the authorities of the states of the world must know that not one comrade will be left alone.
We exist everywhere, anarchists who act, for whom anarchy is not cheap ideological chatter but the only authentic way of life.

So, one thing is certain. We have not yet said our last word. We are starting an infinite insurrectionary journey, with the new nihilism and immediate action for the realization of anarchy as our compass. Our name is our soul named FAI / IRF. The Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front is the new Black International of Anarchists of Praxis.
We know that sometime we will meet in Athens, Santiago, in the here and now, always.

Until then, as our brothers from the Russian cell of the C.C.F. have written, “As we read the letters and news of imprisoned comrades, we feel with all our hearts hatred towards the status quo, impatience to create another world and the destruction of this one. Each letter of these texts flows through your veins like a river. Reaches into your heart and stays forever in your soul.
And while our activity puts us in great danger, all the same we dream of the day we we will meet in a small farmhouse. We will drink tea we gathered with our own hands and we will share our plans with smiles …

We will exchange tales of our adventures.

And that day is not far away … “

Monica, Felipe, Francisco, Omar, Carlos, Luciano, Marcelo, Freddy, Juan, we raise our fist alongside you, shouting “SOLIDARITY” in the international language of anarchy. At the same time the other hand firmly holds the knife of nihilism to thrust it deep into the bowels of this world of power and subjugation.

Forever free

Forever anarchists.

Long live the FAI / IRF

The imprisoned members C.C.F.
& the anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos

PS. Not long ago in prison, Chilean comrade Cristobal Franke was attacked by a cowardly bullying prison guard. The guards wanted to take revenge because he didnʼt obey their orders and quipped in their faces with contempt. These cowards that lock our comrades in the prison cells, to be sure they will get the response they deserve. For each insult, for each punishment against anarchists of praxis who are prisoners of the state, any screw and his property will become a target, he is doomed to encounter our rage.

Statement of solidarity by the anarchist revolutionary organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire which was read during the second trial of the Halandri case on 2/3/12 by Damiano Bolano (2012)

Anarchist solidarity could never be bent by kilometre distances and authoritarian borders. Our ideas, values, practices unite always in the denominator we have placed as anarchists, the denominator of the path of constant attack against the structures of dominance. The dominance, which at a global level is equipping, oppressing, imprisoning, murdering, fortifying.
Which is an obstacle to the desires of all those who feel hostile against the existing exploitation and oppression.
We from our side have armed ourselves and organized ourselves against the monstrosity of Democracy (which aims at either destroying or to absorb our hate for every social relation which reproduces and is subjugated to every authority).

The Informal Anarchist Federation and the International Revolutionary Front are one of the ways of holding the struggle we fight all together and everyone individually, carrying inside it an aim, the total destruction of the civilization and the values of this rotten world. In this struggle we stand by the comrades of the cell ʽLong live Luciano Tortugaʼ of FAI/Indonesia.

We stand by Eat and Billy, who have taken the responsibility of their participation in this Cell and right now are being tried by a similar court martial to yours, in Indonesia, as well we send the warmest salute to the comrade who is wanted for the same case. We send our unlimited solidarity to fighters Marcelo Villaroell, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuentevilla who right now are tried by the state of Chile. We will use some words from the call for international solidarity: “…Our protest… is a gesture, an act of aggressive anti-cpitalist Resistance which unites us with every Subversive, Autonomous, Anarchist Revolutionary prisoner who from different places and different camps of death and isolation, keeps the insurrection alive, seeking the social revolution and the vanishing of class society”.

At the same time, ʽwe winkʼ to Anarchists Revolutionaries BABIS TSILIANIDIS, DIMITRIS DIMTSIADIS, SOCRATES TZIFKAS, and GIANNIS SKOULOUDIS who through their guerrilla action and their decent attitude in prison factually oppose everything we hate as anarchists, as fighters. …….. To end, we demand the immediate release of Anarchist STELLA ANTONIOU who the pigs of authority vengefully refuse all of her release applications when there are serious health conditions.