Title: Communique from Insurrectionist Internationalist Revolutionary Organisations to the world
Date: 11/06/08

On June 4 2008, following unanimous agreement between the organisations that signed this document, the second Informal International Meeting of Insurrectionist Revolutionary Anarchism, which was held in some place of the Chilean metropolitan area, has concluded.
This declaration is part of the final document elaborated to make public the debate and the conclusions expressed by the participants at this meeting. Therefore we publish clandestine words full of violence against the state and dreams strengthened by anarchist reconstruction of human society.

From this place we declare:
1. We recognize that a Social War is going on and manifests itself in the different dimensions of human strength and intellect at different levels of intensity. We did not invent this war nor did we wage it; it has been actually proclaimed for centuries by the bosses and the defenders of political systems that oppress the vast majority of people with coercion, fear and ‘reason’.

2. We publicly recognize the enthusiasm and efforts of anonymous brothers and sisters of past and present generations, who have dedicated and still dedicate their life to libertarian struggle. Their ideas and actions take us all the way long. A warm greeting to all of you.

3. We declare ourselves libertarian and insurrectionist fighters. We did not serve any authoritarian leftist ideology nor do we fall into the trap of reading ‘classics’. What they suffered is different in many aspects, though not in all, from what we are enduring now. Our idea is permanently defining itself, always free and ferocious.

4. We are claiming and making concrete the right to think and struggle for the construction of really free societies, led by supreme respect for nature and characterized by social and individual behaviour aimed at strengthening the dignity and common wealth of the men and women who live on the planet. We are claiming and cultivating the right to multiply solidarity and egalitarian practices in every aspect of the existent. We claim mutual support between individuals and independent and free communities, the right to intervene directly against the catastrophe menacing the planet every single second, the right of human beings to think and act for a free world, the right to live without bosses, leaders, police or authority, in freedom and self-discipline.

5. We identify our direct enemies as those who govern and defend this system of slavery, which is based on the existence of pyramidal and authoritarian organisations, for example State structures, business companies, churches and also their false critics.

6. We claim the right to exercise collective and individual abilities towards the destruction of everything that is turning us all into slaves.

7. We affirm our engagement to carry on the libertarian struggle.

8. We claim all the actions carried out in different areas by every organisation present at this meeting.. We made explosions against police stations, banks, companies and churches. We have contributed to stirring up and radicalising wild strikes. We have hurled stones and molotovs against cops. Yes, we claim our full and conscious responsibility for these actions. If they want to consider us ‘guilty’ we are such. We declare ourselves guilty of sabotaging the functioning of this slave society that reduces people to starvation. We declare ourselves guilty of knowing this functioning in order to attack it. We declare ourselves guilty of illegal possession of autonomous thoughts of struggle for freedom. But we know that the ‘guilt’ we take on ourselves every day is the knowledge that the vast majority of people suffer and die under the action of the lords of the world, whereas the latter live in the opulence of a fantasy from which we are waking them up.

9. Clarification. The authorities of this country have said that we act against property and that we do not want to kill anyone. We answer that property is our actual target. Property is theft, therefore to destroy it conceptually and effectively is our duty. But we remind that property is created and defended by individuals armed with laws and soldiers. To eliminate these parasites is inevitable in the social war.
We have control of all the sectors in which we realize our direct actions. Before attacking public places we have always made telephone calls so that these places were evacuated. Police and the media tell a lie when they claim that we did not. The explosive attack against the Opus Dei University, carried out by the Insurrectionist Federation in the night of April 23, had been announced with telephone calls to the police station in Los Dominicos, the 133 police line and to the Cooperative radio 15 minutes before the explosion. As the comrades already declared, the reason for the attack was not to execute some fascist children of the bosses of this country. If such had been the case a different spot of the building would have been targeted, which would have represented only a grain of the violence that the fathers of these students and these students themselves inflict on us the exploited.
The same Federation claims the incendiary attack against the Church of Opus Dei on Lastarria road in Santiago. This attack occurred at 2.30 of Tuesday June 3. The police and the media did not make any mention of it. But the attacks will not stop.

10. We denounce the creation of a state secret structure that tries to criminalize the revolutionary organisations that dare react to institutional violence. This new ‘office’ concentrate the efforts of the State against the wide libertarian forces by gathering two departments of institutions headed by murderers and torturers (Arturo Herrera, chief investigator, and Jos? Bernales, chief of the carabineros) born by the Pinochet dictatorship, and by the government repressive services, which since 1990 are headed by leftist politicians intoxicated with power. From the carabineros; Direccion de Intelligencia Policial (DIPOLCAR), Grupo de Operaciones Especiales (GOPE), Departemento de Investigacion de Organizaciones Criminales (0S-9); from investigative sectors: Brigada de Investigaciones Policiales Especiales (BIPE), Brigada de Intelligencia Policial (BIP), Brigada Contra el Crimen Organizado (BRICO); from the government: Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia (ANI), and the new prosecutors, especially those of the East Area. They meet in secret places in order to investigate details and communications of all the people and in order to plan the repressive fury that reminds that suffered during the military dictatorship. They try to control everything. Their goal is the same of the old and hated landowner: that only the boss enjoys the land and that the inhabitants do not make trouble.
Following these events we have formulated a few questions:
Why do they not employ all these people to investigate the deaths caused by police bullets or by this capitalist system? What about speculation carried out by traders, real-estate agencies, financial usurers, what about the daily aggression of transantiago, what about the repressive and unworthy education, the existence of armed forces that have licence to shoot on whatever pretext, the oppression against aboriginal people, the existence of an impoverished and exploited population? Are these crimes investigated? Are the names of the responsible made clear?
Answer: they are not. That is because these criminals and their wrongdoing are essential parts of the world they compel us to suffer.

11. We express our joy at the death of cop Jose Bernales, which occurred in Panama. He was nothing more than a despicable being, a torturer and murderer of the exploited and emarginated. The socialist Chilean government mourned his death and they also dared call him ‘general of the people’. But he will be remembered as General Murderer of the People, as stated by his long curriculum of torture and the recent assassinations of Rodrigo Cisternas, Matias Catrileo and Johnny Cariqueo. We dance on the body torn to pieces of the man who headed the ‘special forces’ and ‘intelligence forces’ of the police, who ordered the occupation of part of the Mapuche territory, who tried to silence any libertarian voice in the continent. But what happened? It seems that he precipitated from his helicopter while he was asleep, as wished by the many threats against he who used to suck the powerful’ socks.
As we celebrate his death we tell his successor, criminal Eduardo Gordon Valcarel, not to fall asleep because he can die at any moment like his predecessor, and not necessarily by precipitating from a helicopter.

12. We invite the conscious youth to despise the institutions and any form of social consensus. You have to know that it is all a farce. Despise and fight against servile behaviour before capital, the State and its organised mafia, historic enemies of social revolution as well as political parties (especially the communist one and the organisations that define themselves leftist) are. They only want to alternate in the exercise of power and administrate it (as in the case of the Chilean communist party).
Act inside and outside this space in which we hit at the enemy. Do not listen to pure critics who block your energy and reflective abilities. The control exercised by this system has its base in the fear instilled inside you, a fear of your thoughts, desires and actions. Break it. Anarchy can be reality. What counts is that you are its starting point.

13. We are launching an appeal so that attacks against the centres of power and social control multiply, spread and strengthen. We stress the collective proposal to carry out actions in the areas where you live and where the enemy reproduces itself. The wealthy sectors of this society must be destroyed by fire and explosions, and only we, the ever persecuted, excluded, scorned and suspect can do that.

14. We are aware that every single word we are writing will be analysed by the police of various States, especially by their ‘intelligence’ offices and by judges who waste their days trying to lock up even the air. We are not worried about that. Probably they will intensify their recourse to classic and technologically new mechanisms of social control. Further funds will be destined to pay the cowards and traitors who turn themselves into infamous informants, people who are not even worth the bullets that will execute them one day. Further shadowing, cameras, phone and internet tapping will occur. However, they are warned that we, revolutionary forces, managed to infiltrate their operations, so we will keep on sabotaging the investigations against us. We are already doing this.

15. Do you want to know the names of the members of the local organisations that sign this document? The names of the brothers and sisters who came to this meeting from other areas? As a collective answer we smile and say that it is impossible for them to identify us. They can watch the images on their cameras, examine the phone tapping on the entire population, the traffic of all emails, the register of customs at the borders, the fingerprints on every bomb that explodes under their nose, investigate everything they want, but our libertarian cause has neither names nor numbers to add to their controls on the population.
We are human beings who are breaking free from chains, bodies full of revolutionary energy that their eyes cannot see, blinded by the ghosts of the dead who weigh on their conscience. They can never stop or silence our idea. We are everywhere you look. We are the gardener who watches your moves, the porter you ignore on your way to work, the shop assistant of the shop you visit, the window-cleaner who approaches your car when you stop at the traffic light, the teacher who educates your children, the person next to you while you queue at the bank, the football player of your team, the anonymous people who pierce your controlled borders, the human beings you look at with disgust and annoyance. Present and alert. We sow the idea that is eroding your brain and your police system. We carry a new world in our heart and bombs in our hands, which will destroy your universe of chains and exploitation.

16. Next meeting will follow soon. Our direct actions are due when the enemy least expects them…

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Columna Buenaventura Durruti
Columna Luiggi Lucchenni
Columnas Armadas y Desamadas Jean Marc Rouillan
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