Title: The Poisoners must be poisoned
Date: 2015
Source: Greek poster, Non Fides
Notes: Translated from the French by seaweed

Summer has started and, like nature, some businessmen and tourism professionals, those who look at you with money in their eyes, have "woken up" and started to ready themselves to receive tourists in Chania[1] . Of course, this requires that they clean up the surroundings (the Old Port, Koum Kapi, Chalepa) of infectious and filthy trash, which, for them, is everything that moves but is not edible, at least according to their own habits. To be or not to be the center of the world...

Pesticides, rat-poison, glass hidden in food to deceive defenseless animals that feel hunger, thirst, pain and fear, unlike the emotionally dead individuals who use these poisons and contaminations, whose "superior" human intelligence can only do calculations and equations, measuring energy, counting tourists and profits. The garbage in their skulls is much worse than anything on the sidewalks.

We know that, like all industry, tourism is based on exploitation and violence, whether its of the workers obeying their bosses, or local food,“exhibits”in zoos or aquariums, stray animals that ruin their precious image or even the lands they plunder and deplete to build their hotels with swimming pools and turf.

On the other hand, we assert to anyone who is in doubt or indifference, that we are on the side of the living, of those who feel, who rejoice at the sight of life and its diversity, who are enraged at anyone who tries to dominate and destroy it. We are also animals, even more enraged than those who the capitalists try to kill with the poison that overflows from their core and which they scatter in the streets.

They can try to hide as much as they want, but we will sense the heartless bastards from a distance, we will find them and we will directly answer them, face to face ...

For an unyielding struggle for life and autonomy until total liberation!

Chania (Greece), beginning of the 2015 tourist season ...

The Horseflies.

[1] Chania is the second largest city of the Greek Island of Crete. It is a tourist destination on the northwest coast. It’s known for its 14th-century Venetian harbor, narrow streets and waterfront restaurants.