Title: Letter about persecutory procedures
Date: May 10, 2011
Source: https://actforfree.nostate.net/?p=4537

On the 27th of April, Christos Tsakalos, for the case of C.C.F. with the upgraded charge of the managerial executive, was transported to the prisons of Koridallos, after a call for appearance at the juridical council, where he denies to appear.

Today therefore, Wednesday the 27th of April, I announce officially to the juridical authorities, to not “bother me again” with their repeated calls for my presence in the interrogative process, because they will receive my total refusal and my factual contempt.

There is not even a millimeter of dialogue to be shared with my judges.

As I have declared repeatedly in front of them, I do not recognize their process and I deny to legalize it morally and politically with my presence. I have a clean conscience and I do not apologize to officers of the state.

The only ones who will judge my actions are myself, the rebellious people that choose to be involved in the “crime” of freedom and history itself.

I deny to appear in front of them, chained up with the escort of masked up macho cowards of the EKAM (special forces) and the Anti-terrorist force, in order to participate in the joke that they have set up.

Therefore, I will not be present at these set up appointments.

On the contrary, the juridical mafia should be prepared for its appointment with its historical destination. Because these are the times, that apart from the money and the promotions to superior ranks they receive, the reward for the juridical operators could be a rain of bullets or a powerful bomb in their car. And this is not a threat, simply a reminder of facts and possibilities.

Despite all this, on the occasion of my public refusal to discuss with the juridical officers, I want to say a couple of words about the juridical gangrene that seeks to infect the anti-authoritarian circles as an epidemic.

If someone follows the course of the interrogations they reach the obvious conclusion, Juridical power functions for the state, as did the Inquisition for the Christian church in the middle ages.

There is no doubt henceforth that the trials that are to come are not simply trials against a revolutionary organization, such as the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, but are the juridical prosecution of an entire piece of the conflicting tendency of the anti-authoritarian movement.

These prosecutions are dictated by the uniformed will of the State, manufacturing often outrageous fabrications against anarchist fighters and having as an aim to criminalize the most active element of the subversive circles.

It is a process of deterrence of the most fighting and dangerous elements, so to prevent their constant mobility and their possible composition-connection with the unforeseen situations that will be caused in view of the social-economic crisis.

In order to achieve its plans, the State tries to prove that there exists an armed network of anarchists that, either is connected with the r.o. Conspiracy Cells of Fire, or constitutes autonomous “anonymous” terrorist organizations, without however having committed any actions,

Of course the juridical authorities, reaching the zenith of offering services to the state, do not hesitate to imprison anarchist Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis for simple gun possession (he was arrested in an accidental police check with 2 pistols with him) “guessing” his intention to use them “in the performance of terrorist actions”.

The obvious truth is that his detention was decided because of his anarchist ideals that were already filed, from a previous arrest, in the drawers of the police authorities.

However, the juridical slaughter does not stop there. The public prosecutor syndrome of this era that inspires the juridical operators, scans the whole social spectrum of contacts of the ordered “suspected terrorists”. Friends and personal relations of the accused are arrested, photographed and finally imprisoned themselves.

Naturally, similar luck is held for the acquaintances and friends of members of organizations and anarchists that take political responsibility.

The last ones see more and more often close or known people to them (irrelevant to the charges that are attributed to them) getting arrested, decorating covers of newspapers and in other cases being imprisoned such as anarchist Panagiotis Masouras and other individuals for the first case of the C.C.F. Anti-authoritarian K.P. For the recent arrests again of the C.C.F. Anarchist Christoforos Kortesis, Sarantos Nikitopoulos and Vaggelis Stathopoulos for the case of Revolutionary Struggle, and K.S. for the case of anarchist Rami Syrianos.

As if that was not enough, juridical totalitarianism carries out another leap even more shameless than police arbitrariness.

In certain cases, even if friendly relations do not exist they are devised (in the case of anarchist Ch.Politis) while in others the coincidence of a surname (case of anarchist F.Mayer) will lead the modern detectives Cluseau to tragicomic situations of confusion involving them in amazing scripts of genealogical interconnection with the revolutionary organization RAF.

At the same time, when the lie that competes the arbitrariness is not enough, comes the “window front” of science to confirm the states alibi (case of anarchist A.Sirinidis) who is imprisoned for shooting at a Riot Cop van, with sole evidence being DNA that was found in a mask that was collected in the wider area of Exarchia).

Finally, they never abandoned the “old familiar art” of manufactured and enlarged charges, as in the case of comrades The Anastasiadis Brothers ( Nadir case, Thessaloniki) and the imaginative robbery scenarios (case of Psahna, Evia, with the original arrest of individuals that are accused for robbery, without neither guns, or money).

Of course, the attack of the persecutory coup d’etat is preceded by the vanguard of the journalistic tv-court. If the Media did not exist to prepare the ground, the juridical system would not have accomplished to apply so shamelessly its barbarity, without meeting at least as a mound, the “democratic protests” of the “progressive institutions”.

The case of the 6 arrested in December is characteristic. The employees of the fake have a field trip in front of the cameras and through the television studios that the suspects (for them guilty) are members of the r.o. Sect of Revolutionaries.

As well, the first day they did not hesitate to recognize one of them as the wanted and with a bounty on his head comrade G.Tsironis (case of the “robbers in black”, where they accused also Marios Seisidis and his brother Simos, who was shot in the back by the pigs of the police and afterwards because of his injury the doctors amputated his leg. Hold Strong Comrade!)

When all these were proven sci-fi scenarios, the journalists said “No problem…” and re-served a new “truth” of interconnections with the r.o. C.C.F. A directed truth that the society of tv-viewers digested (as easily as the previous ones), said “thanks” and went to sleep quieter than the previous day and more disciplined for the next.

Henceforth, what cannot be condemned with real terms is condemned with spectacular ones on the “channel sacrifice” ritual of the Media. Today, only within the generalized climate of emergency that the journalists direct, the “Theater of Justice” can easily be set up.

Because today, more than ever, the juridical persecution does not seek “guilty” individuals, but it chases the general imagery of the “guilty” collective, targeting anti-authoritarian and subversive circles.

The confusion of the charges, the blurred legal mesh of trying intentions, the detentions based on the “certificate of social beliefs”, the vague orders form a formula that includes everything.

I therefore personally, as “consciously guilty”, having taken the responsibility for my participation in the r.o. Conspiracy Cells of Fire, did not expect anything less from our persecutors. They were worthy of their wage and their dignity.

When through the C.C.F. we unleashed a war without limits against authority and its officers, as was expected we were awarded by our enemy, a sentence without pretexts.

However, this does not mean that I will not speak. Besides, I am addressing neither the small dictators of the prosecuting authorities, nor the suited bellies of the directors, neither the intellectually crippled of the police services, nor a society that in the place of its heart has placed a bunch of keys; car keys, house keys, keys to the fence, keys to intellect, keys to compassion, and it locks, locks, locks its fears, hushing in front of the screens and smiles in front of the shop windows.

I am addressing the indisciplined and untamed spirits of our era, the small minorities that do not bow, the free thinking individuals, the rebellious people, the wolves that escaped the hunting.

We should not allow the wind to ease, because within us thousands of small fires continue to ignite our mutiny.

Our actions should speak even louder, shout more because on its own “no verse mobilizes the masses, no verse reverses regimes.”

It takes struggle, struggle, struggle.

Struggle with voices and chants on the demonstrations, struggle with a flaming molotov, struggle with stones, with paint, armed struggle, grenades and bombs, struggle with the pencil, pen and books, struggle with arsons and conspiracies, struggle and always struggle.

Finishing I remind my persecutors, that I have their justice written on the oldest of my shoes (greek proverb that basically means he does not care of it at all). I know the decisions of the courts that have not happened yet and the dozens of years that they are charging us with. I know, but I do not accept to bow the head to them. They should be sure that there will be harder battles.

As for my characterization so much by the Media, as well as the juridical officers, as a “managerial executive” of the organization, I throw it in their faces. Because they have learned to function with superiors and subordinates, they should know that the Conspiracy Cells of Fire has neither directors nor followers. Our only ideal is our conscience.

The present text should be considered also a spark for the hard and nonnegotiable fight that we will give for the achievement of political co-shelter and the creation of political collectives inside the prison.

We realize that the democratic totalitarianism unleashes some of its attacks covered up as an iron fist inside a velvet glove.

Already we the members of C.C.F, but also other comrades experience the improved regime of modern “political isolation”, since we are scattered to every corner of Greece, Corfu, Komotini Grevena, Malandrino, Domokos, Theva, Trikalas, Koridallos.

Most of us have been placed in protection wings, (there are locked up the most filthy subjects of prison, the snitches and rapists) in order we lose any social contact, or to get us charged with Disciplinary for beating up some of these human wastes we have for prisonmates.

Of course, I do not forget the regime of isolation that the members of Revolutionary Struggle suffer in the 6th wing of Koridallos and my support is obvious beyond and outside the political disagreements that exist.

This fight for the fracture of each isolation and for the constitution of political collectives of accommodation is the first step for a long course to the unspecified aspects of mutiny.

Closing I will “steal” some borrowed words:

“And the judges, as soon as he entered, leaned over and said something amongst each other. And then they asked him: Are you many? And he, no one knows if it was a coincidence or perhaps in order to answer, he pointed outside the window to the crowd. And the judges shouted: whats the need of other witnesses? And then they remembered, that this speech had been said before many years ago. And they were taken by a great fear.”

Dedicated to my brothers, the comrades of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, G.Tsakalos, O.Oikonomidoy, P.Argirou, G.Polidoros, M.Nikolopoulos, Ch.Chadjimihelakis, M.Nikolopoulos, D.Bolano.
I send also my comrade greetings to the Italian comrades of F.A.I and to the Mexican anarchists of F.L.T. (E.L.F.),
I remain with my thought next to the comrades in Chile that are on hunger strike for the “caso bombas”.


Christos Tsakalos Member of the r.o. C.C.F.