Title: Communique for the 12–13 January arson barrage
Date: January 27, 2011

The War Is on

Today more than ever, the fortification of Power and it’s attack against the internal enemy becomes an urgent necessity. Under the fear of the oncoming rebellions and the dynamics that have been developed , mainly in the latest years, the Dominance has to protect it’s interests and will do it.

So, we ‘r leaving in an unprecedented upsurge of repression and control. Their mechanisms of chasing the enemy are being enforced and enriched in both human and technical level, while their legal arsenal expands and becomes more flexible. The new ‘anti-terror’ law that states thinking as a crime, the super ‘bugs’ that enter into the depth of personal communication, the thousands recruitments of cops that go up and down the streets are only some of the examples that compose what the power wants to communicate, that it is here and it is everywhere. The power speaks, before to forbid but also imposes itself where the precaution measures don’t achieve to prevent the armed consciences that fight it.

Democracy strikes back and takes revenge, has dungeons and prisoners of war. Prisoners that sends around like the wild animals in a cage, having before taken care to deplore by any means their dignity, pieces of their own lives and finally hushed up the depth of their choices, that are not other than the actual opposition against everything that hostile our own lives.

Of course, in this game, the Power has allies, like the pitiful entourage of the journalists. We never had a doubt about the hypocrisy behind their democratic mask, nor for the pretended polyphony that they invoke. Plus, we ‘r not surprised from their upgrade to a vanguard of repression in its most paranoid and delirious version. They were, they are and they will be a para-shop of the police and the anti terror unit.

The Mind Is the Target

The dominance, as a privileged and main user of massive terror, knows very well that the projection of strength, the fear that it blows into the people, is much more important than the strength itself. The feeling of weakness and vanity of any kind of struggle is much more efficient than any army of cops and every super hi-tech system of surveillance. It leads to withdrawal and silence. To the consolidation of fear. Fear is cultivated by the power, but it blooms inside us. It has imbued the human existence to the bone and corroded all social relations. Both in the level of social groups to each other and against the dominant ethics, but as well in an individualized level. Fear corrupts the relation between people and condemns them to rot into misery and boredom. But it mainly stops the creation of true relationships. Relationships of solidarity, relationships subversive and dangerous.

Surpassing Pro-Social and Anti-Social Dipoles

The evolution of the revolutionary plan is impossible if we ‘r not in a constant search for understanding the social process, thus searching allies and spotting the enemies. We do not consider society as one whole body, generally victimized, submitted or possibly revolutionary. Social relations form a multiplex field, that cannot be interpreted through the ethics of right or wrong, the victim or the immolator, the Good or the Evil. In them, we watch manifestations of the power itself, deeply rooted and expanded to a point that they ‘re not visible enough. On the other side, we watch transcendental insurrectionist behaviours and revolutionary consciences to emerge out of this field, ready to look life straight into the eyes…This multiplex mosaic of controversies consists the ‘area’ where the revolutionary war is taking place.

The Time Is now and the Enemy Is Everywhere

The ‘objective conditions’ seem to us very abstract and we won’t remain act-less waiting for them to be ‘mature’. We don’t set long-term targets and we won’t speak about a pre-revolutionary period nor for a post-revolutionary society. On the one side because we don’t see revolution as one event that takes place in a very particular space and time, but as a continuous evolving process with constantly changing characteristics. On the other side, because we think that the political systems, of any ideological-theoretical gasket, by the time they will have institutionalized themselves as such, they will already be obsolete, and thus, hostile to us.

On the contrary, we propose organization right now. The collectivization of denials through the actual application of our propositions (proposals). The creation of belligerent structures and infrastructures in present tense, that will set in constant motion the revolutionary process of destruction and creation. For the birth of true relations and comradely bonds, through the experience of attack and actual solidarity.

For All or for Nothing

The existing reality forms a war zone with thousand explored and unexplored aspects, We spot the enemy in the diffused plexus of roles, relations and behaviours. In the mechanisms of repression, the dominant ethics and the blackmail of waged slavery. In the small daily contracts inside us. We reject the partial struggles as condemned to failure. Desiring to touch the wholeness we consider necessary the total multiform attack. We consider attack as the conscious break from the enemy by any means that it may be expressed. As an integral piece of the very existence of every revolutionary, We don’t think that exist generally revolutionary or reformist practices and means. Every act is given a sense from the motives and targetings of the subject that executes it. Armed, can be only the consciences. The hand will always be holding just a tool.

The Diffused Revolutionary Urban Guerilla Struggle as a Position of Fight

The guerilla methods are not something that we drag from history’s time-closet. They are practices that are being used, with various characteristics by the revolutionaries in every corner of the planet. The tactics of surprise, the choice of the place and time where the action becomes true is maybe the only — in current conditions — that has the ability to hit the infrastructures and the enemy’s staff. We target to sabot the state-capitalist infrastructures as well as to terrorize our enemies, pose a personal threat. We want to make them clear, as clear it is for us, that war happens always with two sides and we, having chosen side, we make the step. In front of the monster of capitalism that rips the human life and dignity, we choose to arm thought, conscience and action.

Solidarity Is a Weapon

From the mounts of Mexico and the highlands of Andes to the bomb attacks in Chile and the arsons in Belgium there are people decided not to put the head down. The struggle for freedom is their own life, not something out and over it.

The knowledge that in the edge of the world exist people that live and die for the same or close reasons, with the same or similar means, and thus, they possibly share the same or similar feelings, thoughts, fears and dreams with us, is something more than relieving. It is what pushes us to keep on even at the hardest times, fills us with strength and gives us the hope that in the end we ‘ll win. If we haven’t won yet is partially due to the fact that we ‘re not yet a community, not even a network.

The solid mere academic knowledge is extremely useful in never-ending discussions accompanied with cheap wine. If, however, it doesn’t transform into conscience it remains a harmless chatter. And conscience comes exclusively through experience.

Now, more than ever before, exists the necessity for continuation of the struggle by every member of the community. Learning what happens throughout the earth to be a motive, a signal from the worldwide revolutionaries that the warfare is still on. Not just to contribute in a simple update. But to be the point where every revolutionary will recognize him/herself as part of this network and will pass into attack. What would happen, if, for every strike that a member of the community would take, there would be launched international campaigns of anti-information concerning the incident and the revolutionaries all over the world passed into action, forcing the officials of every country not to be able to find a place to hide? This is internationalist solidarity and like this the borders brake.

We perceive solidarity as a dynamic, bilateral and multilevel relationship. Bilateral because it consists of two or more parts that have to experience it equally, breaking the miserable custom of the transmitter and the receiver, the ones that ‘makes’ solidarity and the one that ‘receives’ it. Multilevel because the level of its validity depends on how common are the targets, the desires the agonies of those that have it. And dynamic because it always wants to evolve, to find imaginative ways to take flesh and bones.

We think as necessary, for the evolution of the revolutionary plan, the actual application of the proposal for international networking. The creation of a horizontal, diffused and continuously evolving network. A tool of open communication and dialogue, as well as a transmitter of ideas and practices among the revolutionaries. So, we include these attacks of ours within the frame of the call for solidarity with the members of the Conspiracy of the Fire Cells on trial, but as well within the formation of an informal anarchist federation based on the proposal of F.A.I. that the Conspiracy of the Fire Cells set in motion again.

On 12 and 13 January we proceeded in a barrage of attacks in the city of Thessaloniki, sending fire signals to our comrades. Thus, we hit:

On the noon of 12 January:
-The office of the journalist and parliament member with LA.O.S. Angelos Kolokotronis. A price from us to him, for his 35 years of serving as chief editor in big newspapers like our well known Snitch-donia (Makedonia) and in many other para-information media, as well as for his extreme right wing beliefs.
-The offices of the Union of retired police officers in Promitheos str.

On the night of 13 January
-2 car vehicles belonging to cops in the region of Peraia.
-A car belonging to the diplomatic corps in Ano Toumpa region.

SOLIDARITY with the urban guerilla fighters GERASIMOS TSAKALOS-PANAGIOTIS ARGIROU- HARIS HADJIMICHELAKIS, members of the R.O. Conspiracy of the Fire Cells and with all those tried for this case.

informal anarchist federation- Cell of Revolutionary Solidarity