Title: Who are the terrorists?
Date: 2008
Source: Retrieved on June 20, 2009 from www.non-fides.fr
Notes: Translated from french.
The original poster: www.non-fides.fr

The living conditions, every day more unbearable, which are imposed on us, rely on fear. Fear of not having a job and of not making ends meet at the end of the month. Fear of the police, fear of prison. Because at its foundation, the baton and its acceptance are what guarantee social relations.

In this world upside down, terrorism is not forcing billions of human beings to survive under unacceptable conditions; it’s not poisoning the earth. It’s not continuing a scientific and technological research which everyday further subjugates our lives, penetrates our bodies and modifies nature in an irreversible way. It’s not imprisoning and deporting human beings because they don’t have an adequate little scrap of paper. It’s not killing and mutilating at work for the enrichment to infinity of the bosses. All that is called economy, civilization, democracy, progress, public order.

Politics is in reality the art of disguising facts by changing words. Their planetary scale “war on terror” is just a propaganda weapon to legitimize all exterior military aggression and all interior repression. In a mirror effect, the State wants all of us to be obliged to be the reflection of what comes out of its dirty authoritarian mouth.

Friendships, affinities and the sharing of a same idea of freedom become an “association of malefactors in relation to a terrorist enterprise”. The links woven within struggles become an “anarchoautonome tendency”. A smoke-bomb becomes a bomb.

And yet, to organize yourself is not necessarily constituting an Organization, just like a strike is not a hostage-taking. An attack against a bank, a prison, an office of the National Employment Agency, an election office, a detention centre, or an act of sabotage against the circulation of trains or the machinery in a factory, is not “terrorism”. An abyss separates those who insurge for freedom and those who strike out randomly to defend, consolidate or conquer power, namely the States and their competitors, the bosses, their mercenaries and their laboratories of death.

In this social war which unfolds at work as in the street, at night as in the day, the enemy is every individual who puts an obstacle in the way of the radiant march of capital.

May each one, in the manner that one estimates is most adequate, oppose the terrorism of the State and its totalitarian democracy. We will not undergo this declaration of war with our heads down.